Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We, the people

The captioned event that yours truly witnessed, took place in that microcosm of life, the Mumbai local train. It was late evening and the train was fairly sparse. People were all lost in their own thoughts, ruminating over the day's events, when all of a sudden, this middle aged gentleman starts playing blaring music on his mobile. The numbers that the contraption belted out were jarring, to say the least. The eight odd passengers in the immediate vicinity, were visibly annoyed. To my great surprise, not one, I repeat not one person told the guy to pipe down. Even the chaps sitting next to him made faces, but did not utter a word. After watching this drama for a few minutes, I tapped the guy and told him to use his headphones. Evidently, the guy was oblivious to the nuisance that he was causing, apologised and switched to earphones. Half a dozen faces looked at me with a mute thanks. All it would have taken was for one person to speak up than suffer silently.
We, the people. We Are we like this only?

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Aarti said...

:) been there done that way too many times!! :)

last week in Goa, while on north goa tour, the bus stopped near a temple, the guide asked if anyone wants to go, amidst silence, i was the only one who said "Yes" and then you wont believe it, every single one rushed out and were in before i could take off my sandals..!!