Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have taken trains to and from CST everyday, for more than an year.
I have had business meetings in every restaurant, meeting room and even the lobbies of the Oberoi and the Trident.
I have been to several luncheons, parties and conferences at the Taj.
I have also been lucky that none of those days was 26 November 2008.
I have anger at what happened. But that anger has not led to action. Instead, the needs of daily life, the struggle for survival, the mortgage, the deposits into the pension fund, worries about inflation et al have taken over. That is my shame.
I will not rave and rant against the system, the politicians, the bureaucrats etc., who were in a position of power to do something about it. I will not, for I have done nothing about it. I could have applied for ICS, I could have contested the local elections (panchayat at least?). But I did not. I have therefore, no right to sit in my comfortable armchair and demand ten things from the Government. But there is one thing that I will do. I will vote in the elections.

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